Welcome to ublock !


Ublock is an innovative and sustainable exterior living wall system for climate improvement and water retention within densely populated city areas. The system uses newly developed substate blocks that that mimic the growth conditions and water balance of natural soil, while providing evaporative cooling, water retention and air quality improvement.

The system is largely autarchic and does not need an elaborate growth control system.

We use an organically bound substrate block, in wich fibers, organic matter and water buffering materials work together  to form a basis for vertical vegetation systems. The use of drinking water is avoided by buffering rain and using collected rain water. We use a capillary system, instead of a drop system. There is no danger of drowning of the plant roots.

Using only natural and recyclable materials, the environmental impact is minimal, or even positive, as the system will absorp particulate matter, improve the inner city climate and has recreational value, as many people (your clients ?) like to be around plants.